Cohen & Grigsby General Handbook 2016 - page 8-9

It’s critical to our success—and to our clients.
That’s because we know with a diverse team comes diverse perspectives. When our
team is representative of the world we live in, we are able to approach multifaceted
problems with multifaceted solutions, and clients expect, appreciate and benefit
from the efforts.
At Cohen & Grigsby, we are focused on working toward a culture of increased
inclusiveness and transparency—one that creates pathways for professional growth
and leadership opportunities, regardless of race, gender, ability or sexual orientation.
While we are proud of our efforts, we also recognize that it’s important to
constantly improve.
That’s why we offer several opportunities for our employees to grow in ways
important to them and to our firm.
In both Southwestern Pennsylvania and Southwest Florida, we participate in
programs and organizations focused on these efforts, including the Allegheny
County Bar Association (ACBA) Women in Law Summit, Collier County Women’s Bar
Association (CCWBA), and the ACBA Institute for Gender and Equality. Many of
our attorneys are represented on the ACBA Diversity Committee itself and other
related committees involved with leadership and program development.
Several of our directors are also actively involved in the Welcoming Pittsburgh
Advisory Board, the Allegheny Conference Workplace & Diversity Development,
Collier County Chamber of Commerce, Opportunity Naples, The Greater Naples
Chamber of Commerce and the Pittsburgh Regional Alliance in efforts to support
workplace diversity throughout the regions.
Diverse teams are
more creative, innovative
and produce better results.
While we’re home to some of the most talented attorneys in the field, we know
women still face unique challenges in the legal profession.
At Cohen & Grigsby, we know our team is at its strongest when all of our attorneys
and staff are supported and on the path to personal and professional growth.
That’s why we’re committed to providing opportunities for women to face those
challenges head-on so that they can reach their fullest professional potential.
We recognize that leadership and role models for women exist both within the firm
and outside of the network—and we seek to provide access points to both. We
strongly encourage participation in external programming, leadership conferences
and seminars and are developing training and development around mentoring and
career advocacy.
In addition to our participation in the ACBA and the CCWBA’s Women in Law
Division and ACBA Institute for Gender and Equality, we work toward creating an
environment where our women learn, share and collaborate on issues relevant to
our women lawyers. Firm leadership strives to close the gender gap and look to our
women lawyers in the legal profession as members of the next generation of leaders.
We’ve also developed an internal blog for interviews, articles and presentations
relating to career advancement, balance and leadership for women.
While we recognize there is more work to be done, firm leadership are dedicated to
continuing to provide support to the advancement of women.
Women are a key component
to our successful Culture of Performance
here at Cohen & Grigsby.
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