Cohen & Grigsby General Handbook 2016 - page 6-7

That’s why at Cohen & Grigsby we are truly dedicated to developing a
learning culture
for both associates and directors, and the right environment to continue this growth
throughout each attorney’s career.
Growing and diversifying as an attorney requires opportunities for leadership and
growth. To help our attorneys succeed, we provide a number of targeted programs and
sponsorships tailored to accomplishing each attorney’s unique goals.
• C&G Academy
C&G Academy provides both a robust CLE component and also a noncredit
curriculum focusing on leadership, client service, knowing the firm, building a
personal brand and law firm administration. The in-house
academy delivers a schedule of workshops and courses
devoted to key topics for growing attorneys and seasoned
counselors. Many of the courses are devoted to the latest
updates in the law and best practices to be applied when
representing a client. Our directors often collaborate with
associates to bring these in-house presentations to
the firm.
C&G Academy provides a convenient format to learn the capabilities of the firm
and our lawyers, while obtaining CLE credits.
• Mentoring Program
The Mentoring Program is our way of formalizing the role of mentors for new
associates with peer-to-peer mentoring and group mentoring. Mentors and
mentees receive training, support and further involvement from directors as the
program develops. Lateral associates and directors work with mentors to navigate
the firm’s resources and understand client relationships and firm offerings.
• Associate Development Program
The Associate Development Program is a learning-based initiative that
includes significant practice group leader and career advocacy involvement,
an individualized plan for improvement in core competencies and professional
development for attorneys who are progressing toward potential advancement
within the firm. One-on-one coaching and group sessions provide a unique
opportunity to expand on skills that complement the practice of law.
When our attorneys
grow professionally,
we grow as a firm.
We know that new lawyers at our firm might have a lot of questions about how to thrive
in their roles—and that the best person to answer them is someone who has been in
their shoes.
Our Mentoring Program is our way of providing an opportunity for both peer-to-peer
and peer-to-partner mentoring. All attorneys who join the firm are paired with the
appropriate level of lawyer to help support the integration process.
Mentees have the opportunity to ask for feedback about their performance, learn more
efficient ways to tackle problems, get tips on balancing workloads and navigate the firm’s
internal resources and networks.
Mentors, in turn, have the opportunity to grow professionally, share what they’ve learned,
get feedback of their own and fine-tune their communication skills. Group settings allow
cross-mentoring by mentee and mentors to share collective experiences and support.
As associates advance in their careers, the relationships are encouraged and supported
through Career Advocacy, a program developed in-house to assist in the pursuit of an
associate’s individual and personal goals.
It’s a program that transcends formalities to help make our attorneys be even better at
what they do—all while helping form relationships and a culture of support.
Experience speaks volumes.
At Cohen & Grigsby,
we’re listening.
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