Labor & Employment

Wage & Hour

In a legal climate ripe with individuals ready to contest their paychecks, employers can be blindsided by lawsuits that challenge their payroll practices. Our attorneys have the experience to guide you and your organization through a web of complicated federal and state wage and hour laws and regulations that dictate the manner and means by which employees must be paid for the hours that they work.

We have successfully:

  • Defended clients in multi-state wage and hour litigation, including class action lawsuits involving thousands of employees
  • Defended clients in state and federal Department of Labor audits, including audits for compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Equal Pay Act
  • Conducted self-audits of our clients payroll practices to determine compliance with wage and hour laws
  • Guided clients through classification issues, including determining whether an individual is an independent contractor or employee, or exempt or non-exempt from minimum wage and overtime requirements
  • Developed job descriptions and policies that help minimize the likelihood of misclassification
  • Assisted clients with complying with state and federal child labor laws
  • Counseled clients regarding lawful payroll practices

Our attorneys’ experience and success in this important area of the law can benefit your organization well before you encounter a lawsuit regarding these issues. Contact us today to discuss how we can assist you in preventing or preparing for wage and hour litigation and audits.