Product Liability

Cohen & Grigsby’s Products Liability Litigation attorneys defend a variety of manufacturers in serious personal injury and property damage cases in federal and state courts across the United States. We represent manufacturers and suppliers of industrial machinery, construction equipment, pharmaceutical products, medical devices, consumer goods and toxic torts.

We litigate cases and provide the following types of services:

  • Provide risk assessment audits for companies to avoid potential product liability claims
  • Develop and implement global case management strategies, including developing medical defense and product testing reports, preparing product and medical expert reports and automating litigation support
  • Coordinate multiple defense efforts on behalf of clients
  • Counsel companies on handling product recalls and corporate disasters and catastrophes

Select Representative Experience

The following is a sampling of clients we have represented:

  • A lift truck manufacturer sued by a warehouse worker injured when she stepped in front of a moving fork truck. The plaintiff alleged that the fork truck was defective because it lacked a visible (strobe light) and audible warning signal. A federal court jury returned a verdict in favor of the manufacturer.
  • A manufacturer of a portable hose assembly machine sued by a worker who seriously injured his arm when it came into contact with the rotating chuck after the machine tipped over and the protective cage opened. The plaintiff alleged that the machine was defective because it tipped over too easily and lacked a foot switch and locking mechanism on the protective cage. A federal court jury in Philadelphia returned a verdict favorable to the manufacturer.
  • A manufacturer of a pipe and bolt threading machine sued by a laborer who grabbed a moving steel rod which entangled his shirt sleeve and inflicted serious injuries. The plaintiff claimed that the machine was defective for lacking a footswitch. The federal jury returned a defense verdict.
  • A manufacturer of a truck-mounted crane sued by the widow of a worker who was struck in the head by the load he was lifting. The plaintiff asserted that the crane was defective for failing to have an operator protective structure. The federal jury returned a defense verdict.
  • A manufacturer of a pavement profiling machine sued for property damage inflicted when the operator lost control. The plaintiff asserted that a planetary gear failed and caused a loss of propulsion. The trial judge took the case from the jury and granted the defendant’s motion for nonsuit.
  • A manufacturer of an electric powered cable puller which slipped from its mooring and struck and killed a construction worker. The plaintiff alleged that the puller was defective in the design of the securing mechanism and because it lacked warnings regarding the danger of operating the machine from the front. A favorable settlement was reached during the course of trial.