The scope of services offered by the Global Immigration Practice at Cohen & Grigsby is wide. For most matters, our clients ask that we provide beginning-to-end, comprehensive support, including:

  • Reviewing travel details, advising on the relevant immigration requirements, concerns, and procedures, and developing appropriate strategies
  • Acquiring, drafting, and reviewing all required and recommended documents and information
  • Obtaining translations, certifications, legalizations, apostilles, and other document processing, as required by the destination country
  • Submitting applications, supporting documents, fees, etc. in the destination country and in the origin country
  • Following up with the relevant authorities in the destination country, origin country, and/or home country
  • Managing an efficient timeline of multi-step processes (e.g. work permit entry visa local registration residence permit)
  • Quickly resolving any issues that arise
  • Managing the selection of any in-country providers (where appropriate), directing providers’ activities, and handling all vendor-related concerns (e.g. billing)
  • Monitoring expiration dates and/or other dates of concern

We provide these services not only in support of the company’s employees, but also of contractors, prospective new hires, employees’ family members, and anyone else for whom the client requests services.

Knowing that not every solution works for every client, we strive to understand the needs of each client, and to design solutions according to each client’s particular priorities, goals, resources, and preferences-often on a case-by-case basis. We are able and willing to assist as much or as little as the client needs on any particular matter.

In addition to the full or partial support we provide to each individual, we also offer a range of services to help improve our clients’ international business processes. For example:

  • We assist client companies in obtaining, and maintaining, immigration-related corporate registrations (e.g. licensed sponsor registration in the UK, Australia, Netherlands, etc.)
  • We help clients to either centralize or de-centralize immigration processing across the entire organization. Some organizations prefer to designate a single person within the company, to communicate with us for every international trip, while others find it more efficient to allow the local offices around the world to communicate with us directly-without headquarters’ involvement
  • We have the technical and management capabilities to work equally well with either approach-as suits the client
  • At our clients’ request, we draft various non-case specific guidance documents for internal distribution, on general international travel considerations, country-specific considerations, process overviews, and assignment management strategies
  • We provide guidance for drafting/revising internal travel and relocation policies
  • We monitor changes to immigration regulations around the world, and notify clients of significant changes through blast bulletins as well as directed emails and/or phone calls when a change might impact a particular company or individual
  • We host regular seminars on U.S. and global immigration topics of interest, often featuring presentations by subject matter experts (e.g. consular officers, industry leaders, and foreign service providers)