Labor & Employment

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

Our attorneys, who have a wide range of experience with OSHA matters, assist with safety compliance programs, advise on responses to OSHA citations, and represent clients in OSHA investigations and other matters arising out of a workplace crisis. We get to know your business and understand the factors that concern you most, and we help you understand your options and find a practical, appropriate path forward.

Our OSHA practice includes:

  • Incident response.  When an OSHA investigation is triggered by a workplace accident, our incident response attorneys can assist you with a root cause investigation, defense of OSHA citations, litigation defense for other matters arising out of the incident, and claims management.
  • Inspections and citations.  Our attorneys will educate OSHA about business practices while OSHA officers are still considering what–if any–citations to issue; will represent companies at “informal conferences;” will negotiate revisions to citations, penalties, and abatement measures and time frames; and can represent employers through the litigation process if necessary.
  • Compliance counseling.  We work with clients on workplace health and safety programs before OSHA arrives unannounced, but we are also ready to jump in and help as soon as any issue does arise. We help clients address any necessary changes to workplace policies, procedures, and practices.
  • Coordination with environmental and construction sectors.  Our firm’s expertise in environmental and construction matters can prove useful to companies who operate in those spheres and also have OSHA matters.