Labor & Employment

National Labor Relations Board, Unions and Union Avoidance

Our traditional labor lawyers have decades of experience dealing with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and with virtually every labor union. Our attorneys are well versed in traditional labor law at both the federal and state levels. We regularly represent employers in the defense of unfair labor practice charges and other matters before the NLRB.

Our attorneys regularly represent employers interested in union avoidance. We have a vast amount of experience in training supervisors and counseling employers on necessary steps to maintain a workforce that is not interested in joining a union. In addition, when an employer is faced with a union organizing drive, we actively provide legal counsel to employers with regard to their election campaign and represent them before the NLRB in the election process.

Additionally, our attorneys are experienced in many other facets of traditional labor law including:

  • Represent clients in courts throughout the U.S. in matters ranging from mass picketing injunctions to wildcat strikes
  • Interpret NLRB decisions and explain their effect on our clients’ businesses
  • Provide union-related training to management, including union avoidance training
  • Assist clients in preparing for strikes and other organizational activity
  • Review employment policies and handbooks for labor-related issues