Emigrating to the United States involves the consideration of numerous factors as well as the preparation of a host of important documents. Our attorneys ensure that our clients make informed decisions and that all documentation is properly prepared and filed in a timely manner.

C&G Immigration Group Differentiators

  • Immigration law is federal law, which means we can (and do) have a nationwide practice which represents both corporate and individual clients all over the country
  • Because of the structure and location of our practice, we offer much lower rates (both the fixed fees and even hourly rates) than many other immigration practitioners. We offer (and client almost always prefer) a fixed fee schedules for all services.
  • Our level of service is unparalleled. Clients have direct access to the attorneys (not just clerks or paralegals) responsible for their cases, and response time is almost always less than 24 hours

Our Strengths

  • Immigration and Employment Strategies for hiring and retaining foreign workers, students, and other human resources
  • Healthcare related/physician immigration issues
  • Worksite compliance for both employers and employees (including Form I-9 compliance/audit assistance and E-Verify)
  • H-1B LCA and Public Access File Audits, DOL and CIS/FDNS Site Visits as well as ICE Raids
  • “Deemed export”/export control issues
  • Use/abuse of the Visa Waiver Program and B-1/B-2 Visitor Visa
  • Artists, athletes and entertainers
  • High volume I.T. services providers