Commercial & Complex Litigation

To thrive in today’s competitive business environment, organizations must be prepared for the prospect of litigation, whether to protect important commercial interests, enforce contractual rights, dissolve an existing business relationship or defend against claims of professional negligence, or any of the many other challenges they may confront. Cohen & Grigsby’s Litigation Group is a unique and powerful resource that represents organizations in such vital matters, providing service that is focused, efficient and results oriented.

Our litigators offer diverse and tested experience in key venues in state, federal and appellate courts throughout the country. In addition, our lawyers have extensive experience litigating claims before arbitration panels and other alternate dispute resolution forums. Thus, no matter the venue, Cohen & Grigsby litigators are familiar with the requirements and processes specific to that venue.

The foundation of our service to clients is the Cohen & Grigsby Culture of Performance, which inspires each member of our organization to develop ways to meet client needs. We know, for example, that preparation for a case or other legal action may cause costly interruptions to client businesses. Therefore, one of our highest priorities is establishing client-attorney teams that can work thoroughly and swiftly, allowing clients to maintain the flow of business with minimal disruptions.

Among the pillars of our Culture of Performance are:

  • Comprehensive excellence
  • Rapid, targeted communication
  • Results

Comprehensive Excellence

Cohen & Grigsby litigators represent clients across the spectrum of commercial and business disputes, including: business breakups, insurance coverage disputes, antitrust claims, theft of trade secret and non-compete agreements, securities law violations, accounting firm defense and shareholder issues.

Moreover, our litigators’ expertise spans a wide range of industries. We represent national and international businesses and individuals in such sectors as energy, manufacturing, financial services, mining, technology, real estate, health care, retail sales, construction and engineering.

Our group includes litigators with concentrated experience in:

  • Accounting firm defense
  • Banking and financial institution issues
  • Class action defense
  • Commercial torts
  • Construction & real estate disputes
  • Creditors’ rights and bankruptcy matters
  • Environmental litigation & regulatory matters
  • ERISA litigation
  • Insurance coverage litigation
  • Intellectual property litigation
  • Non-compete covenant litigation
  • Product liability suits
  • Securities litigation
  • Wills, trusts & estate litigation

Select Recent Representative Cases

Clients have a right to demand results. Our Litigation Group strives to provide those results – and they have.

  • An antitrust suit involving construction of cogeneration projects
  • A federal securities class action suit involving allegations of improper auditing practices by a company’s independent accountants
  • The breakup of a large family business resulting in a favorable distribution of assets to our clients
  • An International Chamber of Commerce arbitration involving the sale of bauxite by a foreign country
  • A suit concerning a minority shareholder engaged in the valuation of a closely held corporation
  • A fraud action involving an unscrupulous lender
  • A class action suit involving claims made against a bank regarding its credit card charges
  • A trade secret misappropriation action involving the alleged misuse of proprietary software
  • A fraudulent conveyance action in which a corporate executive attempted to hide millions in assets
  • A property damage and business interruption insurance claim resulting from a roof collapse in an underground mine
  • A trademark case involving breach of contract

Commercial & Complex Litigation

Data table
Bender, Marshall P. Director 239-444-1812
Bohme, Ingrid A. Director 412-297-4615
Cillo, Anthony Director 412-297-4974
Cummings, Myah A. 412-297-4638
Darragh, Daniel M. Director 412-297-4718
Ejzak, Richard A. Director 412-297-4876
Elliott, Larry K. Director 412-297-4962
Gdovin, Kelsey J. Associate 412-297-4797
Hanson, Morgan J. Director 412-297-4996
Harkins, Kevin C. Director 412-297-4938
Harrer, Cezanne S. Associate 412-297-4727
Hill, Lucy E. Associate 412-297-4719
Jacobs, Katie R. Director 412-297-4609
Kelleher Jr., William E. Director 412-297-4703
Korn, Jason Hunter Director 239-390-1914
Kowach, Kerrin M. Of Counsel 412-297-4900
Lacey, Alex M. Associate 412-297-4642
Linn, Robert M. Director 412-297-4877
Linz, Rebeca F. Associate 239-444-1813
Loukonen, Rachael S. Director 239-444-1824
Maxson, Thomas D. Director 412-297-4706
May, Mark A. Director 412-297-4699
McKinley, Christina Manfredi Director 412-297-4772
Mueller, Julie A. Associate 412-297-4641
Nelson II, Richard R. General Counsel 412-297-4917
Newman, Eric S. Director 412-297-4730
Olson, Eric S. Associate 239-444-1848
Patter, Julie A. Associate 412-297-4643
Price, Kelley Geraghty Director 239-390-1913
Roman, Andrew M. Director 412-297-4867
Russey, David F. Director 412-297-4709
Semroc, Kyle J. Associate 412-297-4646
Shelton, Robyn A. Associate 412-297-4610
Shrayber, Fridrikh V. Director 412-297-4612
Thistle, Scott R. Director 412-297-4953
Tolhurst, Frederick L. Director 412-297-4960
Ward, Jeffrey P. Director 412-297-4961
Ward, Helen Sara Director 412-297-4648
Wissinger, Chad A. Director 412-297-4724

Commercial & Complex Litigation

Commercial & Complex Litigation