Cannabis Trade Group

On April 17, 2016, Governor Tom Wolf signed Pennsylvania’s Act 16, which establishes a program for permitting medical cannabis grower/processors and dispensaries. Act 16 enables physicians to recommend medical cannabis to patients suffering from seventeen serious medical conditions, including PTSD, intractable pain, autism, seizure disorders and cancer. Cohen & Grigsby attorneys and lobbyists were involved in the legislative and regulatory development of the Act 16 medical marijuana program. Consequently, our practice group has been integral in educating Pennsylvania attorneys through speaking engagements and seminars on the labyrinth of state and federal legal considerations attendant to this fledgling industry.

Leveraging our experience with emerging business, securities regulations and corporate governance, we are assisting start-up ventures seeking Pennsylvania permits to organize, fundraise and cope with onerous regulatory burdens. Cohen & Grigsby recognizes the challenges in obtaining permits, navigating through governmental and regulatory challenges, and has created a team that can assist clients in meeting this array of needs. That team includes a set of multi-disciplinary attorneys and registered lobbyists and public affairs specialists. In addition, we are members of several industry trade associations, which connect industry representatives throughout the country facilitating our experienced support network of consultants, professionals and ancillary business providers serving the cannabis trade.

In addition to our representation of Pennsylvania permit-seekers, we represent non-regulated industry businesses which serve primary cannabis companies. Further, in representing established cannabis growers, processors and dispensaries already operating in Colorado and elsewhere, our attorneys have gained industry leading understanding of the myriad and complex legal issues facing cannabis businesses including, but not limited to:

  • Corporate formation and corporate governance
  • Securities and financing issues
  • Monitoring the developing regulations
  • Intellectual property, including patent, trademark and trade secret issues
  • Permitting and application processes
  • Compliance and regulatory processes
  • Interplay between federal-state and local law
  • Privacy and HIPPA issues
  • Land use and zoning matters
  • Commercial real estate and leasing transactions
  • Employment contracts, employee training and employment policies
  • Hearings, appeals and litigation

Our team will work with individuals and businesses committed to building the industry and who are dedicated to understanding and adhering to the legal obligations imposed by federal and state law. Interested parties should understand that there are substantial capital requirements required by Act 16 and that our Firm also requires a retainer prior to engagement.

Please review the Disclaimers and Acknowledgments and contact one of our attorneys if you are interested in discussing the potential engagement of our Firm.

Cannabis Trade Group