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Hurricane Irma: Recovery Reminders

For condominiums, cooperatives and homeowners associations the following is a reminder of pertinent matters that may be helpful during the recovery phase and beyond:

  1. Protect the property to mitigate further damage and make emergency repairs to avoid injuries to persons or property.
  2. Report claims to the insurance company at the earliest opportunity. Because there are multiple policies in most associations, please make sure that claims are reported to the correct insurer. This seems obvious but it is an error we see from time to time.
  3. Take photographs (dated) and video.
  4. Keep a journal or notes. What may be very clear in one’s memory today may be much harder to recollect months from now if a dispute arises over an insurance claim or with a contractor making repairs.
  5. If there are roof issues, schedule a roof inspection. Some roofers have a form to complete first in order to get in line. The sooner this is done the better.
  6. Consider the wind impact on windows which may have caused deflection. This may be something which is not manifested for some time and could be a significant cost item building wide. Expert consultation will be necessary for this analysis.
  7. Hold a Board meeting to update all directors. Notice need only be given as is practical and reasonable under the circumstances. We can join any such calls if you would like.
  8. Review the emergency rules in your documents (if they have been updated) or under the provisions of Sections 718.1265, 719.128, or 720.316, Florida Statutes.
  9. If you wish for us to review any proposed contracts for Irma related work we would be happy to promptly do so. Our emails are set forth below.

As we work on recovery from the devastating effects of Irma, Cohen and Grigsby remains available as a resource for any legal issues which may arise over the next several days and weeks, including insurance claim support. While our office in Mercato is temporarily closed, many of our Florida resident attorneys evacuated and are in places where there is access to email and all of the resources of the Firm through our Pittsburgh office.

Please email either of the undersigned in order for us to respond to any questions you may have.

Christopher N. Davies
Joshua A. Hajek
Condominium, Cooperative & Homeowner Association Practice Group
Cohen & Grigsby, P.C.

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