Past Exhibits



NOW SHOWING, C&G Gallery presents Giuseppe Ragozzino “Parallax” presented by Jeffrey Jarzynka.

Standing still in front of a canvas is not stillness. Fragmentations in perceptions and values in the artist, shifts in faith, false nostalgia, love, entrenched superstition, detachment: these among others create a parallax effect that alters the course of a body of work. This show highlights that point of shift in an artist.

In this collection we see the result of Giuseppe’s detachment from certain
interdependencies, and reattachment to new ones. Work enlivened by his love of liberty, his need of safety, and his desire of free enterprise. The blending of a long-term exploration of abstraction to a burgeoning form of representation is the instinctive result.

Jeffrey Jarzynka is Pittsburgh-based, independent Art Consultant and Curator whose passion for collecting art has inspired the migration from his career as a Creative Director to Art Dealer.