About Cohen & Grigsby

At Cohen & Grigsby, our more than 140 attorneys are honored by the long term client relationships that we have developed and the opportunity to act as trusted advisors to dynamic and growing businesses. Founded in 1981, we serve our clients with the know-how and wisdom that comes with decades in practice. Regionally and globally, we put our experience to work for you.

Understanding Your Business

We approach every interaction with our clients as an opportunity to help solve their challenges and meet their goals. Our Firm’s Culture of Performance® recognizes that the context and manner in which we provide our services is a key component of the value that we offer to our clients.

As part of that culture, we understand that achieving optimal results is the true mark of solid performance. We embrace a work ethic that does not begin and end with the billable hour, but rather is rooted in our mission to serve our clients as both legal counsel and business advisers.

We strive to deliver the best talent and work product to our clients and our community. It drives our approach to serve as legal counselors as well as business advisors to our clients so that we can anticipate obstacles, secure opportunities and ensure a better community to live.

Our true impact is measurable when the value of our services has a positive impact on your bottom line. We add value by efficiently obtaining results, limiting and reducing costs, reducing risk and understanding your business.

What makes your business successful is important to us and we will partner with you and invest the time to understand those needs. Our goal is to anticipate your needs and create legal strategies accordingly.

Diversity & Inclusion

It’s critical to our success.  That’s because we know with a diverse team comes diverse perspectives. When our team is representative of the world we live in, we are able to approach multifaceted problems with multifaceted solutions, and clients expect, appreciate and benefit from the efforts.  At Cohen & Grigsby, we are focused on working toward a culture of increased inclusiveness and transparency—one that creates pathways for professional growth and leadership opportunities. This starts with our people.

Community Engagement

Our Culture of Performance forms the foundation of our ongoing support for key community initiatives in the regions we call home. From doing hands-on work in the community and spurring economic activity to our culture and arts, it’s in the fabric of our work to find ways to make a difference in the communities where we live and work.

Adding Value

The better our performance, the better our reputation. We are recognized for our outstanding legal service as individual attorneys and as a firm. It means more than just an accolade—it’s an indication that we practice what we preach. We’re continually ranked among the best and provide real value to clients.

We’re devoted to providing value in our work, and to the people who have trusted us to work with them. Living by this philosophy has driven our firm’s three decades of growth and success—a testimony to the core values at Cohen & Grigsby.